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Shanghai Yuanying Packing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the pudong district of Shanghai, is a collection research and development, production, sales as one of professional packaging machinery manufacturers, the main products are automatic production line for suppository, high-speed suppository line, suppository shell making machine, double aluminum suppository, homogenizer, the end of the hose closure cream preparation machine with tank, etc. Series of packaging machinery products, widely used in medicine, daily chemical, biological, and other fields.

Suppository automatic production line of our company products to meet market demand the machine with different capacity, high, medium and low production capacity, product, filling volume precision, random, the characteristics of good stability, more important is the company in Beijing and Shanghai has a perfect international procurement network, procurement key components adopt international standard, with strict quality verification, to provide customers with superior performance, quality, excellent equipment.

Our company adapt to the development of the global pharmaceutical machinery industry, for the domestic and foreign customers with advanced, high-quality pharmaceutical machinery. We have a sophisticated technical talent, has a high quality work team, can be timely to provide customers with perfect after-sales service.

My company in the field of medicine machine with talent, resources, network, scale, experience a huge advantage and influence, become a highly innovative ability and the team of leading advantage. Company improving technical core competitiveness, constantly optimize the product structure, perfecting the management mechanism, active introduction of technical personnel, with strong technical strength as the backing, is committed to new product design, innovation, development, promotion, dedicated to the most excellent quality, meet the needs of customers.

The company strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by service, and always to it for the purpose of cooperation are honored and commercial integrity is maintained. Sincere for each user to provide quality service!



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